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Courses in Oxford and Charlottesville

Next summer I will be teaching two courses on scientifc illustration.

The first is in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, the second at Rare Book School at the University of Virgina in Charlottesville which I teach with Caroline Duroselle-Melish rare book curator at the Folger Library. Both courses emphasise what I describe as the bibliography of images, that is the production history and bibliographical description of illustrated books. The main difference is that in Oxford I will cover the period up to 1900 whereas in Charlottesville we only go up to 1800. Covering more ground and the slightly shorter teaching day in Oxford will mean that I cant go into so much detail, so it will be more of a survey of scientific illustration (including natural history and medical illustration). But I still want to emphasises the ways in which the production of images influences the way they are used in the making of scientific knowledge, and how we can describe them. Both courses are limited to 12 students. This will be the first time I have taught the Oxford course, but the fourth time for the Charlottesville course and there are detailed student evaluations from previous years.


Dates: 25-29 June 2018

Applications are now being accepted.

Link to course description: The Scientific Image, Oxford



Dates 8-13 July 2018

Applications open early January.

Link to course description: The Illustrated Scientific Book to 1800, Charlottesville