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JOURDAIN, Anselme Louis Bernard Bréchillet (1734–1816)

JOURDAIN, Anselme Louis Bernard Bréchillet (1734–1816)

Traité des maladies et des opérations réellement chirurgicales de la bouche , et des parties qui y correspondent; suivi de notes, d’observations & de consultations intéressantes, tant anciennes que modernes

Paris: chez Valleyre l’aîné, 1778
2 volumes 8vo: π2 a–c8 A–2K8 2L4, 294 leaves, pp. [4] xlviii 535 [1]; π2 A–2S8 2T4, 334 leaves, pp. [4] 662 [2]. Woodcut headpieces and initials.
7 engraved plates: numbered 1, 2, III, IV and 1–3 (last 5 folded in at the foremargin).
Condition: 196 x 120mm. Blank margin of vol. I b4 torn away; some leaves slightly browned or spotted.
Binding: Contemporary mottled calf with red and green labels, red edges. Slightly rubbed, corners worn.
First edition. Not reprinted in French: a German translation appeared in 1784 and English editions were published at Baltimore in 1849 and Philadelphia in 1851 (other editions mentioned by Guerini, Weinberger and others seem to be ghosts).
Bibliography: Blake p. 237; Garrison–Morton 3676.1; Wellcome III, p. 367; Weinberger, Dental Bibliography, p. 75.

The first text-book of oral surgery which had a widespread influence in Europe and America and remained in use for the next 75 years. It is ‘by far the most important of all the works of this author’ and moreover deals with ‘much more of general surgery of the mouth and neighbouring regions than of dental art properly so called’ (Guerini).
Unlike Fauchard and Bourdet, Jourdain was not a surgeon-dentist, but a general surgeon with a particular interest in the study and treatment of oral and maxillary diseases.
Five of the plates are of instruments, described in detail on the last pages of each volume.
‘The first specialist book on oral surgery. The first volume deals with diseases of the maxilla; and the second, with the diseases of the mandible. Jourdain was particularly expert in diseases of the maxillary sinus and describes all forms of inflammation, and cystic and tumourous alterations of the sinuses. The appendix to Volume one deals with specific problems exclusive to oral surgery and quotes for the first time case histories of other physicians.’ (Garrison–Morton.)
Literature: Vincenzo Guerini, A History of Dentistry (1909) pp. 311–3.
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