Etcher’s tool box, early 20th-century


An etchter’s tool box containing etching needles, other tools and materials

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An etcher’s tool box, the contents including a variety of etching needles, needle holders and spare needles, etching grounds, leather daubers and a box of drawing instruments. An unopened packet of ‘Superfine Etching Ground’ is from the Philadelphia manufacturer W. Weber Co.  and there is a round box of ‘4073 Etching Ground Dark’ from Wilfred C Kimber, Tinkerton St. Works, Crormer Street, London W.C.1. The spare needles include dozens of gramaphone needles, in an original His Master’s voice tin and a Cadbury’s Bdournville Cocao tin.

The box was formerly in the possession of the late Iain Bain but there is no other indication of provenance. Two manuscript notes, one listing supplies and one listing paper sizes are in English and although the Weber etching ground is from Philadelphia, the other supplies from both the UK so I assume the original owner was in the UK.